Auto Body Paint

Check out our Auto Body Paint Shop for Quality Vehicle Restoration!
Is your current vehicle showing its age? Have the elements taken their toll on its finish? Are you ready to sell it, have you had a fender-bender, or do you just want to restore the shine? Several factors, such as acid rain, harsh sunlight, salt air, car washing soap, winter driving on salted or graveled roads, break down the color and finish of an old paint job. Whatever the reason, American Auto Body, Las Vegas, NV, is happy to offer quality auto body painting at affordable prices.

To ensure proper color matching and the longevity of a paint job, our certified auto body painting specialists are trained in the use of all auto manufacturer’s paint coatings and techniques. To ensure quality, our auto body paint shop is equipped with:

• Computerized color mixing to assure an accurate color match.
• Paint booths to limit dust and overspray, and to dry the paint for the adhesion and curing process for factory quality paint flow and a high gloss finish.

If you want to give your vehicle a new lease on life with a complete paint job, or just touch up a few dings, call our auto body paint shop today to schedule an appointment!

Why choose American Auto Body for auto body painting?
• Lifetime National Warranty on labor
• Interior and exterior vehicle detailing
• Estimates from anywhere
• Free towing (often insurance reimbursed)
• All insurances accepted (however insurance is not required)

Proudly serving Las Vegas, NV and surrounding areas.