Auto Glass Repair

Auto Glass Repair for 20/20 Driving Vision!
American Auto Body, Las Vegas, NV, is an auto body shop specializing in auto window repair. Many drivers ignore the small pits and chips that occur during normal driving conditions until they turn into small, and then larger, cracks! A pitted or cracked windshield can blur the driver’s vision, making their driving a safety issue on the road.

Unfortunately, a cracked windshield creates another type of safety hazard as well. An automobile is designed in such a way that the passenger compartment acts as a bubble of safety for the passengers. In an accident, the passenger’s side airbag uses the windshield as a backstop. The airbag may not deploy properly if the windshield’s structural integrity is compromised with chips or cracks, jeopardizing that bubble of safety for the passenger!

Trust the auto window repair experts at American Auto Body to restore your driving vision to 20/20. They can make the repair practically invisible, as well as restore the purity of your windshield.

• It takes only minutes while you wait!
• It costs little or no money!
• It’s safer for your family in the event of a collision!

Other than spending a few minutes of your time, the benefit of a repair outweighs the cost. Plus, many insurance companies also cover auto glass repair. Take time now to schedule an appointment.

Why choose American Auto Body for auto glass service?
• Lifetime National Warranty on labor
• Interior and exterior vehicle detailing
• Estimates from anywhere
• Free towing (often insurance reimbursed)
• All insurances accepted (however insurance is not required)

Proudly serving Las Vegas, NV and surrounding areas.