Auto Glass Service: Can You See Clearly Now?

What is your driving vision? You should be seeing 20/20! In other words, there should not be any cracks or chips in your car’s windows obstructing your vision. If you’re not seeing clearly, schedule an auto window repair as soon as possible. Professional auto glass service technicians know that a pitted or cracked windshield, or any other cracked window, creates a safety hazard on the road. Not only is your vision impaired, but the integrity of your vehicle is compromised. Unfortunately, many drivers often ignore small pits and chips until they turn into small cracks, and in time, into larger cracks.

A large crack across the windshield disrupts your view and can change your perception of distance, making driving unsafe. A cracked windshield also creates another kind of safety hazard. A vehicle is constructed so that the passenger compartment acts as a shell of protection. And in the case of an accident, the passenger’s side airbag is designed to use the windshield as a backstop. If the windshield has too many chips and cracks, or a very large crack, the structural integrity is compromised, and the airbag may not deploy properly!

What are the pros of auto glass service?

  • It takes only a few minutes—take care of business while you wait!
  • It’s affordable—your insurance company may cover auto window repair!
  • It keeps your family safer in the event of a collision!
  • It restores the structural integrity of your windshield!
  • It makes the damaged area practically invisible.
Remember: Take time for any needed auto window repair before the problem gets bigger and more costly! Not only will further damage to the glass be prevented, but the structural integrity of the vehicle is restored.

For quality auto window repair, call our certified technicians at American Auto Body or go online to for more information. We will be pleased to take care of your vehicle and provide you with honest and professional auto glass service. Our auto body shop serves vehicle owners in Las Vegas, NV, and surrounding communities.