Auto Paint Refinishing

Auto Body Refinishing – Restore to Perfection!
You may wonder what does “auto body refinishing” entail? It is simply the process of restoring the surface of a vehicle so that is ready for a new paint job. There are two common problems that drive vehicle owners into a shop for auto body refinishing—rust and body damage.

Each step in the process of auto body paint refinishing is simple, but important. We have described it in laymen’s terms for you here:

• Rust is cleaned and any dents or dings smoothed out;
• Primer is applied to make sure there is a smooth and even surface for the new paint to adhere to;
• Tthe entire section to be painted is sanded and cleaned thoroughly;
• Apply the top coating after the repair area is masked off to prevent over-spray;
• Colored topcoat is applied, and
• A clear coat is applied to ensure the gloss and texture of the refinished area is an exact match to the original finish.

Most vehicle owners do not want to tackle this type of project on their own, as they do not have car refinishing experience, or the equipment needed. Let our auto body refinishing experts help you restore your car to perfection!

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