Auto Paint Refinishing: Show Her Off With Pride!

For experienced and highly-trained technicians, auto body refinishing isn’t too difficult. It takes methodical planning so that the painting process will go smoothly. With the right materials and tools on hand, technicians can approach auto body refinishing with confidence in their skills, knowing they will produce a beautiful product at the end of the job.

During the auto paint refinishing process, the technicians know that there are a few basic steps that need to be taken in the right order:

  • First, the Preparation All trim and emblems in the area to be worked on will be removed. The metal is then cleaned thoroughly, first with soap and water, and then with a grease and wax remover. Once that is done, the surrounding areas are protected with plastic and masking tape.
  • Second, Eliminate Rust The rusted areas need to be taken out and the surrounding space sanded down to bare metal. Corrosion is treated to prevent spreading. Tiny rust patches may be able to be sanded out. Rusted metal will be replaced with a patch of 22-18 gauge metal welded in place. This takes an experienced technician as the torch must be just the right temperature to prevent warping the metal.
  • Third, Smooth Out Dents Dents are pulled out (in the opposite direction from which they were inflicted). Some small dents can be filled, using a filler that is put on in several layers, sanding between each layer. After the final layer has dried, the filler is sanded smooth with the rest of the body, feathering the edges of the paint around the area.
  • Fourth, Apply Primer and Sand Urethane-based primer is typically used as it gives the best coverage and protection to the metal or the filler. When the primer has dried completely, it is sanded down. The best method of sanding is called block sanding, with fine grit sandpaper wrapped around a ridged block of wood. An experienced auto body refinishing technician will know how much (or how little) needs to be sanded before painting. Once sanding is complete, the panel is washed (and dried thoroughly) to remove all the grit and leave the surface ready for the final step of auto paint refinishing.
  • Finally, The Paint The area around the panel to be painted is masked off. With special equipment for painting, several coats of paint are applied, each one thin and building up with each coat.

If you want to show off your beloved vehicle with pride, why not restore it to its original beauty with quality auto paint refinishing? Contact our certified technicians at American Auto Body, a professional auto body refinishing center, or go online to for more information. Free towing assistance is available if needed. Our auto body shop serves vehicle owners in Las Vegas, NV, and the surrounding communities.