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Auto Body Repair Estimate: It’s A Process!

Whether you’ve been in an accident and suffered collision damage to your vehicle, or whether your vehicle is just getting old and looking tired, you may be looking for auto body repair. Here are a few tips to help you get the most trustworthy auto body estimate possible! • Obtain an auto body repair estimate… Read More »

Auto Paint Refinishing: Show Her Off With Pride!

For experienced and highly-trained technicians, auto body refinishing isn’t too difficult. It takes methodical planning so that the painting process will go smoothly. With the right materials and tools on hand, technicians can approach auto body refinishing with confidence in their skills, knowing they will produce a beautiful product at the end of the job.… Read More »

Collision Repair Help

If you have ever been in an accident, hopefully you knew what to do first! Because the fear that drivers feel can turn into anger and frustration, they may make some judgment errors immediately following an accident. If you can retain a calm reaction to an accident your chance of additional worry and expense will… Read More »

Car Glass Service: Have Those Chips Repaired

It is inevitable that small rocks will fly up and put a chip in your car’s windshield. The job of car window repair experts is to help vehicle owners understand why it is so important to repair those chips as soon as possible. Don’t let them turn into big cracks in the windshield. Here are… Read More »

Find a Professional Auto Collision Center with these tips!

Been in an accident lately? Getting professional auto body collision repair for your vehicle should not be one of your worries after an accident. However, finding a trustworthy auto collision center can be an added burden – whether it’s for just a little dent received in a fender-bender, or whether it’s for a complete fender… Read More »

Car Body Shop: Restore The Shine

Is your car looking tired and worn out? If you want to see your vehicle retain its fresh looks and shine, a little extra TLC from highly trained technicians at a car body shop can help it age gracefully for many more miles to come. Experienced auto body technicians take pride in their work, working… Read More »

Auto Glass Service: Can You See Clearly Now?

What is your driving vision? You should be seeing 20/20! In other words, there should not be any cracks or chips in your car’s windows obstructing your vision. If you’re not seeing clearly, schedule an auto window repair as soon as possible. Professional auto glass service technicians know that a pitted or cracked windshield, or… Read More »

Auto Window Repair Driving With A Cracked Windshield

It’s fairly common as you’re driving down the road to see many cars with large cracks in the windshield that look like spider webs, missing windows, or webbed tinting. These issues can disrupt your view and change your perception of distance, creating a safety hazard while driving down the road. This doesn’t even take into… Read More »

4 Comparisons When Looking For a car body shop

When looking for a car body shop to take care of any needed auto body work, there are several things you should take into consideration–safety, resale value after the repair, qualifications of technicians, training, and equipment. Remember you can select a car body shop of your choosing, even if your repairs involve an insurance claim… Read More »