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Auto Body Repair Shop: How To Avoid Auto Insurance Scams

If you’ve been in an auto accident lately, you know it can be a real pain! The phrase “adding insult to injury” becomes real if the other driver makes false insurance claims. Most of our fellow motorists are responsible drivers, but unfortunately, there are a few con artists looking to make a quick buck. Along… Read More »

Auto Window Repair: Side Window Replacement

Driving can be difficult is your side window gets damaged–especially in bad weather. This kind of damage needs to be replaced, even if it looks like a simple chip or crack. The good news is that an auto body shop can make the process of auto window repair easy for you. When you need auto… Read More »

Auto Body Work Is It Done Right

Auto body work on your vehicle can be costly to repair, whether it’s caused by a full-blown collision, a fender bender, or a dent in the door from a parked car. When it is finally time to pick up your car after the auto body works is complete, how do you know that everything has… Read More »

Auto Body Refinishing: In Answer to your Questions!

Wanting to keep your current car a while longer? It’s time to fall back in love with your car again! Auto body refinishing will transform your car into the shiny car you fell in love with years ago. Before starting the auto paint refinishing process, you may want to know a little more about it.… Read More »

Maintaining Your Car Paint Job

Many people often choose their vehicle based on how it looked while on the showroom floor. It was the car paint job that caught their eye—with no concern as to how to maintain the newness or beauty of it. They envision how they will feel and look while riding in their new car or truck.… Read More »