Find a Professional Auto Collision Center with these tips!

Been in an accident lately? Getting professional auto body collision repair for your vehicle should not be one of your worries after an accident. However, finding a trustworthy auto collision center can be an added burden – whether it’s for just a little dent received in a fender-bender, or whether it’s for a complete fender reconstruction following a major accident. To get your vehicle safely back on the road, you will want to be sure you receive the best quality auto body collision repair possible.

To get your life and busy schedule back on track after an accident, look for a professional auto collision center that can give you auto body collision repair fast, efficient, and easy. More importantly, look for an auto collision center that adheres to factory specifications to ensure that the safety features, performance characteristics, and overall integrity of your vehicle are restored to their pre-accident condition, using only the highest quality parts and materials.

Make sure the auto collision center you find . . .

  • Provides an Accurate Estimate – The technicians at the auto collision center should be trained to carefully evaluate visible and hidden damage and then recommend a detailed and accurate plan of auto body repair. Most auto body shops will work with your auto insurance company to make sure your accident claim is handled efficiently.
  • Uses the Right Replacement Parts – There are four types of auto body replacement parts that could be used to restore your vehicle: Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), automotive aftermarket, reconditioned original equipment parts, or used parts. The auto collision center should communicate with your insurance company to recommend the right choice.
  • Offers Complete Auto Body Collision Services – In addition to quality auto body repair and services, you will want to find an auto collision center that has flexible hours, provides direct insurance billing, towing service, and temporary transportation services.

For quality auto body collision repair that will bring your car back to life, contact our certified technicians at American Auto Body. We can help you get back on the road quickly and safely. Contact our certified technicians at American Auto Body, a professional auto collision center, or go online to for more information. Free towing assistance is available. Our auto body shop serves vehicle owners in Las Vegas, NV, and the surrounding communities.